Sika Deer
Origin: East Asia, Japan and China

Latin Name: Cervus nippon

Habitat: Sub-tropical forests and parkland

Diet: Grass, leaves, shoots, twigs

Lifespan: Up to 15 years

Average Size: Weight: 70 Kg., Height:80cm, Length:1.25cm


Commonly referred to as the spotted clear or Japanse deer, the Sika deer is a medium sized animal of striking beauty.  They have a beautiful light fawn or a medium brown colour with white spots.  They have small legs and a very small head.  Unlike other deer breeds, sika deer do not lose its spots upon reaching maturity.  Sika males are territorial and keep harems of females during the rut, which peaks from early September through October.  Fights between rival males are sometimes fierce and long and may even be fatal.  Deer mate in late summer and give birth to a single calf the following May / June.  They develop and mature quickly are fully independent of their mother in 7 months.